5 Reasons Why Medical Weight Loss Management May Be Right For You

medical management

Excess weight is a struggle. If you’re like the 75% of American adults who are overweight or clinically obese, you may have tried tons of diets, exercise, supplements, and more. Perhaps you’ve given up on ever being able to have the physique you want. If you have a busy lifestyle or live with chronic illness, you know it’s often difficult to not only lose the excess weight but also to keep it off.

At the office of Dr. George G. Mutafyan, we know it’s not easy to lose weight. It’s even more difficult when you’re trying to figure out your best weight-loss strategy on your own or with the help of strangers on the internet.

Dr. Mutafyan is a weight-loss professional who can help you lose weight and keep it off without sacrificing your health. During your consultation, Dr. Mutafyan does a complete physical checkup and medical history review. This checkup includes bloodwork, a physical exam, an EKG, and possibly a stress test. Based on your physiology and health, Dr. Mutafyan develops a custom weight-loss plan for you.

Why should you entrust Dr. Mutafyan to help you lose weight? There are several reasons.

You’ve tried to lose weight and it isn’t working

If you’ve tried diet after diet, increasing your exercise, chugging water, and taking useless supplements, you’re probably frustrated with the idea of weight loss right now, and with good reason. When you solely focus on lifestyle changes and don’t consider any underlying medical issues, it’s much more difficult to lose and keep off the excess weight.

You’re worried about weight-based medical issues

Carrying around excess weight — even a little bit — can put extra strain on your bones and joints and lead to more injuries. It can also lead to an increased risk for a slew of medical issues such as:

That’s not to say that these illnesses can’t affect people who are within a normal weight range. Rather, being overweight or obese can exponentially increase your chances of developing them.

You’re tired of fad diets and being hungry

Take a moment to do a search for current fad diets. You may have even tried some of them. Not only can you waste a ton of money hopping from diet to diet, you can also overwhelm and stress your body. As a result, your body’s cycles plummet and skyrocket, leading to some of the above-mentioned illnesses and then some.

Similarly, if you’re tired of hearing your stomach growl, it’s time to rethink your weight-loss strategy. Starvation diets are never good for your body in the short- or long-term. Although you may quickly lose the weight, you gain it back quickly as soon as you switch back to a normal diet.

Additionally, starvation diets don’t just target fat. You also lose muscle mass, and these diets wreak havoc on your internal systems.

You have a history of weight cycling

When you go on and off fad diets, you may notice your weight tends to yo-yo. You may lose weight quickly and then, over time, gain it right back. Why? Because you are not truly giving your body what it needs to be healthy and in shape for the long term.

While this won’t necessarily make it more difficult to lose weight in the future, weight cycling can increase your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression.

You want a trained professional to guide you

Google and Pinterest can only help you so much. You can easily look up the nutritional value of most foods and create what appears to be a healthy meal plan, but search engines can’t tell you exactly what your body needs.

Dr. Mutafyan can determine the best weight-loss plan for your fitness level, lifestyle, diet restraints, and overall health. He also guides you throughout your weight-loss journey so you know what you should continue doing, what you should change, and when you need to change it.

Because your individual needs are unique, you can’t find all the answers online. Having a medically trained weight-loss professional helps you stay on track and gives you the motivation you need to keep going.

Weight loss can be difficult and frustrating, but you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re ready to take back your life from fad diets and scales, call us today or contact us online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mutafyan.

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